A Toronto TikToker says a random man wanted to murder her at a TTC station, and now she’s warning women to be alert

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A Toronto TikToker is warning women to watch their backs after experiencing a scary incident while using the transit system.  

On Thursday, Veronica Skaia posted a video about what happened the last time she got off at Dundas Subway Station. The video had over 2.7 million views at the time of publication.

“If you are a girl in Toronto riding public transit with your headphones in, go ahead and take them out right now because let me tell you what the f**k just happened to me,” Skaia said. 

“I rode it four stops. I’m getting off at Dundas station. I go to the doors, I’m about to get off the f*****g subway, and then I feel like this guy walk past behind me, and he’s like mumbling under his breath,” she continued.

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As the man was walking behind her, Skaia said two six-foot tall men moved out of the way which made her realize she needed to pay attention to her surroundings. 

“Tell me why as I’m about to get off literally standing there right in front of the doors, I lock in and what do I hear right behind me? I hear ‘I think I found someone I can (mouths murder)’ and he’s talking about me. The way I ran out of the TTC. The way I ran out of that f*****g station and outside Dundas,” she said. 

Skaia ends her video by warning girls in Toronto to stay safe. It is unknown if she reported the incident to police.

Now Toronto has reached out to Skaia for a statement. 

In the comments on TikTok, some Torontonians sympathize and relate to her experience. 

“Toronto girl here — hot tip. I leave headphones in so people don’t talk to me but I’m not actually listening to anything. Super aware at all times. Stay safe,” the top comment read. 

“This was an everyday experience when I lived in Toronto. I was so scared to even go to work I had to just move,” another person commented. 

“I had a guy follow me at high park. I went to the wrong end, turned around…and he also did a U-Turn….he had been staring at me the whole ride before,” another user shared.

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In response, TTC told Now Toronto it is actively working on improving safety measures on its transit system.

“Like everyone, we are incredibly concerned about any reports of safety or security issues on the TTC. That’s why, through our recently approved budget, we’re making record investments to improve those,” TTC spokesperson Stuart Green said in a statement on Friday.

According to TTC’s 2024 approved budget, there will be over $28 million invested towards the TTC’s Community Safety, Security and Well-Being program.

Green goes on to say that based on recent numbers, the TTC has actually been seeing a drop in incidents and an improvement in customer confidence. 

In its recent board meeting, the TTC says January 2024 statistics show that safety offences against a customer decreased by ten per cent and station offences decreased by 11 per cent. Meanwhile, its customer effort and ease score is currently at 80 per cent. 

The TTC is also advising its riders to read its TTC safety guidelines for further assistance while travelling. 

A Toronto TikToker says a random man wanted to murder her at a TTC station, and now she’s warning women to be alert

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