Toronto’s newest donut shop keeps selling out hours before closing time

It’s no secret that Toronto is home to a massive volume of donut shops, but one of the latest to open its doors in the city is already amassing a cult following — and selling out before the day is over.

Located right in the heart of Dovercourt Village, Better Days Coffee & Donuts is quickly cementing itself as one of the most hyped-up donut shops in the city… and they’ve only been open for a week and a half.

Officially opening for business on Feb. 16, the donut shop swiftly sold out of all of their donuts within hours of their grand opening. The next day, they sold were sold out by 12:15 p.m.

“We’re thrilled about the initial success and feedback,” Dave Fish, Better Days’ founder, tells blogTO.

The shop’s popularity, he thinks, has to do with the sense of nostalgia that comes along with picking up a box of warm, fresh donuts — a nostalgia that’s only echoed by the shop’s retro aqua-and-orange tiled interior and The Jetsons-esque logo.

Better Days’ popularity, of course, also traces back to the fact that they make damn good donuts.

Wanting to maximize the number of customers whose days are made better by the addition of a donut (or several,) consistently selling out well before closing time isn’t ideal, but it certainly is a good sign.

Still, though, Dave hopes to be able to spread the joy of donuts to more members of the community.

“We’re still getting our sea legs and making adjustments as we go,” he says. “We’re hoping to keep being able to ramp up production in the coming months and start introducing exciting weekly and holidays specials into the mix as well.”

There’s a lot of talk about going out with a bang, but Better Days proves that, in Toronto, you can come in with a bang, too, and, as Dave says, this is just the beginning.

You can try Better Days Donuts for yourself (if you get there early) at their 963 Dovercourt Avenue shop.

Better Day Donuts is open Wednesday through Sunday from 8 a.m. until they sell out.

Toronto’s newest donut shop keeps selling out hours before closing time

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