You can sample wedding cakes in Toronto without getting married

Have you ever dreamt of eating eight types of cake in one sitting?

If you don’t have unlimited money, this might seem impossible to achieve (Have you seen Toronto food prices lately!)

Luckily, some TikTok users with big dreams and smart thinking have come up with a solution — wedding cake sample boxes.

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And the best part is you don’t need to be getting married to get your hands on one. 

If you’re worried about bakeries being unhappy with non-wedding cake sample purchases, don’t sweat it. 

Manal Bashir of Manal Bashir Pastry Co. says the trend is not nearly as new as you’d think.

“It used to happen 10-15 years ago and now it’s something people announce on TikTok. We really do live in an interesting time,” she says.

Though it’s not a completely new concept, she confirms the shop has seen an influx of people buying sample boxes just for fun in the past few years. She’s determined to use the trend to positively influence her business practices.

“I think this trend can be a little disheartening and frustrating for some cake shops,” she admits. “However it has helped us pivot… most of our regular cakes that are now booked are a direct result of [sample boxes].”

wedding cake samples toronto

Manal Bashir Pastry Co. sample box. 

You can purchase a sample box of four flavours of your choosing for $15 through Manal Bashir Pastry Co.

If you’re looking for an expert to put together flavour choices for you, Rolling Pin Bakery has curated four different sample boxes based on taste. 

For $24.95, you have a choice between four boxes: “The Classic Tasting”, “The Jacked-Up Tasting”, “The Party Remix Tasting” and the “Everything But the Rolling Pin Tasting”. 

Co-owner Vanessa Baudanza explains that they curated the boxes because they saw lots of adventurous couples in the wedding sample process. They wanted to make boxes for each type of couple.

“We were like the adventurous couple… they might like our Party Remix box. There’s a lot of fun cool funky flavours, like peanut butter, cookie dough, or s’mores. Whereas a more “classic” type of couple would like a more “plain Jane” box.”

She says the curated flavour boxes have translated well for the trend, allowing people to decide what kind of tasting they’d like to have.

Speaking of more adventurous tasting, if you’re looking to add some fusion to your cake tasting, take a look at Daan Go Cake Lab. The bakery is the work of Master Chef Canada contestant Christopher Siu.

When tasting his delicious macaroons, cakes, and tarts, you get a combination of classic cake and flavours of Asian fusion. 

With the company’s Wedding Cake Taster Set you get eight flavours for $35, with unique tastes like black sesame, matcha, and milk tea.

wedding cake samples toronto

Wedding Cake Taster set from Daan Go Cake Lab.

For Daan Go Cake Lab, their tasting box process really evolved during the pandemic, when they could no longer hold in-person tasting sessions. Now, they’re happy to see the trend take off and more people enjoy their cakes.

“We absolutely love it! Witnessing people find joy in our cakes, whether it’s for a wedding or just to treat themselves, is incredibly fulfilling. It aligns perfectly with our mission to spread happiness.”

You can sample wedding cakes in Toronto without getting married

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